The Office of the City Engineer (OCE) implements and administers the provisions in the City's Code of Ordinances, state and federal regulations relating to floodplain management, street cuts and storm water quality. We also issue paving and utility construction permits, approve plats and review plans of projects in the right of way. Additionally, the City Engineer makes engineering decisions in accordance with the city’s standard contract documents and providing resolution or mediation to disputes emerging from City contracts.

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OCE Announcements

  • 10/4/19 - OCE will no longer require mylar.  Moving forward, a full-size paper plan set will be acceptable.
  • 10/4/19 - The Non-CP cover sheet and title block have been updated.  The latest sheet can be found under the “CAD Tools and Templates” tab here


1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

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City Engineer: 832.394.9164
Design and Construction Standards Group: 832.394.9513
Construction Services: 832.394.9097
Plan Review: 832.395.5331
Water/Wastewater and Facilities 832.394.9546
8 am to 3 pm


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