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Sound Amplifying Equipment Extended Permit Application

Application for sound amplifying equipment extended daily permit. 

Led Lane Control Signal Indications DGN
Newsrack Permit Application

Application form for newsrack permits and decals.

02317-09A Backfill For Large Diameter Utilities Under Pavement Or 1Ft Under (DWG)
Review Cycle Infrastructure Design Manual Redlines

2020 IDM redlines


Heavy Duty PATSA Contract Form

Police-authorized heavy duty and recovery tow service agreement

Informational Letter 0017-2008

Scenic and historic districts

Human Trafficking Indicator Signage and Display for Hotels (HT-001)

This policy establishes and builds upon the requirement in Sec. 28-213 regarding signage and display of human trafficking indicators, the Houston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit contact information, and the National Human Trafficking Hotline contact information.


Last updated: 06/03/2020

Lodging Facility Redline

Proposed ordinance changes to lodging facilities.


Last updated 5/01/2020