Street and Bridge Product Approval

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Submittal Requirements 

  1. Review the City’s current Standard Construction Specifications to verify the product meets the requirements of the standard specifications related to product use. 
  2. Complete the Product Approval Application. The application contains a complete itemized list of supporting documents required to be submitted to be considered for review. 
  3. Ensure all information requested in the application is provided and itemized in the same order as presented in Attachment-1 of the Product Approval Application. 
  4. Email [email protected] to request a Sharepoint folder for product approval application submittal. 
  5. One application shall be filed for each product type. 



The Design and Construction Standards Group receives and screens each application to confirm the eligibility of the product. The application will not be considered for review until all supporting documents are received by the Design and Construction Standards Group. The completed application is then forwarded to the Street and Bridge Product Approval committee for a comprehensive review of the product. 

The Street and Bridge Product Approval committee may request more information, product samples, and/or a product demonstration during the review period. 


General Product Approval Information 

  1. Approved products are subject to ongoing consideration, and the Street and Bridge Product Approval committee may withdraw a product’s acceptance if the committee believes that the product warrants such withdrawal. 
  2. Product approval may be withdrawn as a result of design or material change, field observation, testing, product failure, or other factors. 
  3. If product branding or ownership changes for an existing approved Street and Bridge product, submit a notification to the committee to update the list with current information. Submit certification that no changes have been made to the design or manufacture of the product. 
  4. If the company fails to provide the certification, the product will be removed from the list and a full application package will be required to be re-submitted for review. 
  5. If the product(s) is removed from the approved product list, manufacturers or vendors will be notified with a letter outlining the reason(s) for removal. 

For question on the Product Approval process, please contact us at [email protected].


Approved Product List