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Effectively immediately, the Independent Third-Party Energy Technician Registration Form CE-1216 has been updated to reflect the new requirement that all Energy Technicians must be ICC certified and registered with the City of Houston to conduct this type of work. Previously Energy Technicians were…
Effective Monday, April 5 occupancy inspections will no longer accept applications for Certificates of Occupancy in person. All applications must be emailed to [email protected] This change was made to equalize processing times for all customers. For more information click here…
COMcheck is a nationally recognized software program to show compliance for International Energy Code Compliance for commercial building projects. Since 2016, a COMcheck report has been required on all commercial plan reviews. However, reports submitted are frequently incomplete. Beginning April…
Effective April 5, 2021, customers will no longer need to pick up a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for apartment buildings. Instead, Occupancy Inspections will email it to the applicant on file. The certificates have been redesigned to be printed on plain paper and feature a QR code.    Last…
Effective April 5, 2021, Building Code Enforcement will require a deed restriction declaration form according to Section 10-3 of the Houston Code of Ordinances. A declaration form is required for all building permit applications except for the: Demolition of a building Repair of a building if the…