HouPermits — The New Permitting System


The Houston Permitting Center (HPC) is excited to announce that we are developing a new permitting system – HouPermits – to streamline and enhance our permitting and inspection process.

HouPermits will provide a single, scalable and automated platform that will optimize and enhance the experience of all users as they apply for permits, or fulfill permitting requests. The new system will be a user-friendly web-based platform allowing our customers to complete their permitting application process online.


HouPermits will have three components:

  1. HouPermits This will replace iPermits. It is the customer-facing part of the system where customers will apply for Permits and get updates on the status of their permit application.
  2. HouPermits Back Office: Set to replace the Integrated Land Management System, or ILMS. This is where our internal staff will work. They can run reports and collaborate in real-time with others involved in the permitting process. Manual tasks will now be automated with the help of dashboards and tools that staff may use to assign tasks and visualize the status of projects.
  3. HouPermits Inspector App: This will replace Telework. It is a mobile application for Inspectors, accessible via a tablet or computer. Inspectors will be able to take photos and easily complete inspections through this app. They will also be able to see their assignments, reassign inspections and track their work.
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The new HouPermits system will be a one-stop shop for permitting and inspection information. 

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Training collateral will be available here as we get closer to launch. We will provide various training materials for our HouPermits customers and internal staff.  Please continue to check back for additional information regarding training.

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Please continue to visit this website for additional information. We will keep you updated on our progress and timeline as we continue to work to enhance our permitting and inspection process.

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For questions or comments, please click to email the HouPermits project team.

We look forward to hearing from you.