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LSB Standard 24 - Mid-Rise Atrium Fire Safety Plans

The Houston Fire Department's Life Safety Bureau Standard 24 - Mid-rise Atrium Fire Safety Plans.

Last updated: 04/26/2022

Hotel Human Trafficking Prevention Signage - Gujarati (PDF)

Signage for hotel human trafficking prevention training in Gujarati

Last updated: 5-14-2020

Valet Zone Application

Application for any establishment wishing to use the public streets for valet pick-up/drop-off of vehicles must do so in a valet zone that is designated by the City

Hyatt Training Supplemental Slide

Supplemental slide for Hyatt's approved training.

Review Cycle Detail Redlines
02082-03 5'-0" - 8'-0" Diameter Precast Concrete Manhole
02511-03 Standard LDWL Drain Line Valve Details
Review Cycle Specification Redlines

2019-2020 Review Cycle Standard Specifications Redlines

SWQ Requirements - Fort Bend