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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Guideline (CE1256)

Permitting, plan review and inspection guidelines for electric vehicle charging station.

Last updated: 3/5/2018

Sidewalk Panel Completion

Sidewalk Panel Completion.

Sidewalk Panel Replacement

Sidewalk Panel Replacement.

Sidewalk Panel Replacement Guide

Sidewalk Panel Replacement Guide.

Practice for Sidewalk Requirements

Practice for Sidewalk Requirements.

Chapter 19 Floodplain Guidelines

Chapter 19 Floodplain Guidelines.

Sign Administration Contractor License Application

This form must be completed by Sign Contractors. 

Swimming Pool Demolition Guidelines (CE1090)

The following detail and specifications, issued in conjunction with the Department of Neighborhoods and Health Department, identifies requirements for the demolition of swimming pools and spas; including, but not limited to, pools determined to be in violation of the City of Houston Minimum Standards or Dangerous Building Ordinance.

Last updated: 10-03-2019

Substantial Damage Determination Request Form

Substantial Damage Determination Request Form.

Registration Process for State Air Conditioning Licenses (CE1308)

1308 Registration Process for State Air Conditioning Licenses.

Last updated: 1/1/2019