Digital Antenna System Poles

Plan Review
Not Required
$1000 Per Pole;$500 for the first 5 nodes and $250 for each additional node.
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
8-10 days
Houston Public Works

1002 Washington Ave., 2nd floor

Houston, TX. 77002

8 am to 3:30 pm


For the construction and/or repair of small/cell network or Directional Antenna Systems (DAS), and Fiber Optic Cable in the City of Houston right-of-way, Inside City limits, or outside City limits (aka ETJ - Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties.

After Approval

give back to the applicant

What You Need

A method of payment. Engineering Firm in good standing with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. Plan sets must be in compliance with guidelines set by the City of Houston Infrastructure and Design Manual. Any additional information you would like to include such as Water/Wastewater Availability letters, Storm Letters, Etc.

Apply Online

1. Create an account for or log into iPermits portal. 2. Complete the “Office of the City Engineer Plan Review Application”. Choose the Electronic/ProjectDox submission option. 3. Complete payment of plan review fee (credit card or echeck) 4. Follow the invitation email to upload plans to ProjectDox and complete your task.

Apply in Person

1. Bring the completed plan review application and required number of sets depending on the projects location to the Intake Window located on the 2nd floor: a. Inside City Limits – 4 Sets / 5 Sets if within the Floodplain b. Outside City Limits i. Harris County – 2 sets ii. Fort Bend County – 3 Sets iii. Montgomery County – 3 Sets 2. Bring the sales order to the Cashier Booth on the first floor to complete payment for the plan review fee. 3. Bring the payment receipt to the Intake Window on the 2nd floor. Plans will be routed to the appropriate disciplines.

Conditions & Exceptions

The approved plans is only valid for one year; DAS/Small Cell applicants are required to submit a GIS file in addition to the completed Form at the time of submittal containing the coordinates for each site location.

What You Need

After issuing the approved permit, the customer is required to give a 48-hr notice to the inspector's group prior to start any paving construction work.

Schedule by Phone

Inspectors contact information is provided on the permit