Residential Driveway, Sidewalk, or Curb & Gutter Permit

Engineering Services - Right of Way - HPWOCE1011
Houston Public Works
Engineering Services - Right of Way

1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 3 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
minimum $103.00 and varies higher
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
1 business day


For the construction of a new driveway and/or sidewalk; for removing and replacing an existing driveway, sidewalk and/or curb & gutter; and for extending the driveway.

*To schedule an Inspection, please call: 832-394-9496.

After Approval

Permit is valid for one year. Any changes to the original permit requires a revision process.

Conditions & Exceptions

Must follow the approved traffic stamp site plan to pass all inspections

Statutory Authority
What You Need
  • Application with a project number and two site plans dimension,
  • Copy of the Survey

Apply Online

Email the completed application to [email protected] 

Apply by Fax

Questions may be faxed at 832-394-9622.

Additional Resources
What You Need

Two complete plan sets if submitting by paper

Submit Plans in Person

In person only, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am-4pm

What You Need

Once construction is completed, client will notify Construction Services Section for inspection.

Schedule by Phone

Call 832-394-9496 to request an inspection.