Private Service Connection Fee

Engineering Services Group - HPWUA1029
Houston Public Works
Engineering Services Group

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 3 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
Valid Period
15 years
Processing Time
2 months


Sets a motion to partially reimburse developers who build pipe from other developers connecting to that pipe.

After Approval

When other developers connect to that pipe, payments are gathered and paid to the initial developer every May and November.

Conditions & Exceptions

Application must be within 90 days of project acceptance by Office of the City Engineer.

What You Need
  • Contracts with contractor, engineer and testing agency 
  • Acceptance documents from the Office of the City Engineer
  • Disinfection documents from Houston Water for water pipe 
  • Proof of payment - all invoices and canceled checks or wiring documentation
Apply in Person

Set up meeting with Utility Analysis Developer Services; Call 832.394.8998 or 832.394.9001.

Conditions & Exceptions

Must be within 90 days of pipe acceptance by Office of the City Engineer.