Ambulance Decal

Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Admin fee
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
5 business days
Houston Health Department

7427 Park Place Blvd
Houston, TX 77087

8 am to 3 pm


Operating an ambulance in the City of Houston without a valid decal affixed to the ambulance by a health officer will result in enforcement action. This does not exclude ambulances that have had their decals paid for or are scheduled to be inspected.

The ambulance must pass inspection and receive its decal before it can be legally operated. No grace period is given for expired permits or decals.

Decals expire concurrently with the ambulance operator's permit under which they are issued. 

After Approval

In the field ambulances are subject to spot inspections by City of Houston health officers. Refusing a spot inspection will result in enforcement action.

Conditions & Exceptions

Decals are non-transferable between ownerships and ambulances.

If the company sells any ambulance(s) or go out of business notify the EMS Program immediately and surrender any decals and permits. It is highly encouraged companies remove the company name, logos, and TDSHS provider number from any ambulances being sold.

Additional Resources
Statutory Authority
What You Need

To add or remove a vehicle on an existing ambulance company permit: 

Apply in Person

Submit a completed Ambulance Decal Application and Method of Payment to the EMS Program Office located at:

7411 Park Place
Houston, Texas 77087

Apply by Mail

Mail a completed Ambulance Decal Application and Method of Payment to the following address:

EMS Program Office
7427 Park Place
Houston, Texas 77087

What You Need

Review the Decal Inspection Guide within the Ambulance service permit application for equipment requirements. 

Schedule by Phone

All decal inspections including re-inspections must be scheduled by calling 832.393.5740 to reserve an appointment time.