Standardized Detailed Elevated Foundation

Standard details for joint City/County low cost and innovative residential foundation systems for elevated homes are available to download. 

This collaboration was proposed by Houston Public Works Director Carol Haddock and Harris County Engineer John R. Blount, P.E., in response to changes in the City/County flood ordinances requiring finish floor elevations of foundations to be elevated 2-feet above the established 500-year flood elevation.

These drawings, except for helical piers, can be used in a set of plans by an applicant to eliminate the need to hire a Professional Engineer to design their elevated foundation plans. They must be uploaded when submitting a plan review and permit approval.

The helical pier drawings are for guidance and reference only. Additional details must be provided by a Professional Engineer through the Deferred Submittal process. 

**There are no changes to the plan submittal and review process.

Last updated: August 2020