Process Notification: Mechanical Section's Elevator & Boiler Groups Are Going Paperless!

New guidelines for invoicing Mechanical Section– Elevator Group & Boiler Group
The Houston Permitting Center is moving to electronic billing. As one of our customers you are 
receiving this advance notification. If you are not the correct contact, please forward it to your 
Accounts Payable department.
With our new e-invoicing guidelines, the Elevator Group will issue invoices in electronic format as 
the preferred way of submitting invoices to our customers starting September 1, 2022.
Our goal is to reduce costs for us and our customers. Moving to e-invoicing will shorten the 
invoice process, allow faster payments, and improve the quality. In addition, our joint efforts 
will contribute in a significant way to the environment.
We kindly ask you to confirm your readiness to receive e-invoices from the City of Houston by 
September 1, 2022.
For more information about our transition to electronic invoicing, please contact our group via:
•  Email – [email protected]
•  Phone – 832-394-8861

Elevator Group Customer Signup


• Email – [email protected]
• Phone – 832-394-8850

Boiler Group Customer Signup

Thank you for supporting our initiative to increase e-invoicing!
Mechanical Inspections.