Notification of Form Updates for Building Code Enforcement | BCE

Updated Building Code Enforcement Application Forms

The Houston Permitting Center has updated the following forms:

  • Residential Repair Spec List (CE-1059)
  • Residential Prerequisite Checklist (CE-1301)
  • Commercial Re-roof Worksheet (CE-1076)

Below, find the detailed list of updates.  To access the updated forms, click the form title for the link or go to Houston Permitting Center

  • Residential Repair Spec List (CE-1059)
    • An additional note (2) was added referencing Code Word 2021-B28 regarding projects considered demolition/new construction.
    • Section C was renumbered.
    • The ceiling R-Value was corrected in compliance with the 2021 codes.
  • Commercial Re-Roof Worksheet (CE-1076)
    • The code year was changed from 2015 to 2021.
  • Residential Prerequisite Checklist (CE-1301)
    • A section was added to indicate the reviews required for the project. 
    • Information was added regarding the type of projects that must be routed to Storm Review.
    • Additional required items were added to page 2 (e.g., Survey, Building Lines, Easements, Sidewalks, Parking, Access Control Gates).
    • Code references were updated.