New Online Payment Portal

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023, the Houston Permitting Center will switch online payment portals from PayConnexion to Paymentus. To facilitate the switch, online payments through credit/debit card and e-check will be suspended beginning at 8 pm on Jan. 30 until midnight on Feb. 1. During this time, customers may pay via Advanced Pay Account (APA) or in person with a printed sales order.  

Once Paymentus goes live, users will access the payment portal through iPermits after a sales order or shopping cart is created. Users will have the option to complete their payment as a guest through a one-time payment process (i.e. you do not register with Paymentus) or as a registered user through a wallet (i.e. saved credit/debit cards and checking accounts). 

Registered PayConnexion users will be migrated to Paymentus, including user names and saved wallets. Registered users will be prompted to update their password upon using Paymentus for the first time.  


Example screenshot of the new Paymentus portal
Example screenshot of the new Paymentus portal. 


Once payment is completed, users will no longer be automatically re-directed to iPermits. Instead, users will need to click on the "Return to iPermits" link at the top of the Paymentus page.

Watch our instructional video for steps on how to make a payment using Advanced Pay Account, using Paymentus as a registered user or guest, and how to find your receipt or permit in iPermits:


The switch to Paymentus will allow us to add new payment features such as PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, etc. at a later date.


This article was updated on Jan. 31, 2023, to add the video instructions.