Intermittent Network Issues

Status as of Mar. 29, 2023:

As of 8 am, the iPermits portal server is back online. Users can now access the page. The inspection scheduling phone line and online inspection scheduling service are now available. 

Status as of Mar. 28, 2023:

As of 2 pm, online payment is still unavailable, however, customers may bring in a previously printed sales order or request a temporary sales order to complete payment in person. Customers may also pay using an advanced pay account (APA). Please continue to schedule inspections directly with the sections using the phone numbers previously listed. 

As of 11 am, the system is not processing online payments via Paymentus or in-person payments via sales order. Advanced Pay Account (APA) holders may still be able to complete their transactions. 

As of 8 am, the iPermits server has gone down. All external users cannot access the site. IT is working to resolve the issue. The Inspection Scheduling phone line and online inspection scheduling service may be unavailable. We recommend calling the sections directly to schedule:

  • Structural Inspections: 832-394-8840
  • Mechanical Inspections: 832-394-8850
  • Electrical Inspections: 832-394-8860
  • Plumbing Inspections: 832-394-8870
  • Occupancy Inspections: 832-394-8880
  • Multi-family/Habitability Inspections: 832-394-8841


Status as of Mar. 24, 2023:

The iPermits portal continues to experience server issues. Users are unable to access the page at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to correct the issue as soon as possible. 

Status as of Mar. 20, 2023, at 12 pm:

City of Houston Information Technology teams are aware of intermittent network issues impacting customers' abilities to connect with iPermits, ProjectDox, and the inspection notification system. The issue began over the weekend and IT is still determining the root cause. 

Customers at times may be able to log into the systems but may find the data out of sync. (For example, you don't receive a ProjectDox invitation after completing an application in iPermits.) Please report project issues via the IT webform.

Additional updates will be posted on this page.