Emergency Fast-Track Your Electrical Permit

Fast-Track Your Electrical Permit

Due to the severe weather that recently impacted the City of Houston, the Houston Permitting Center is providing a fast-track process for restoring electrical service for “like-for-like repairs only, no improvement”.  To participate, follow these steps:

  1. Verify your Electrical Contractor by calling 832-394-8860. Only a registered City of Houston Electrical Contractor can repair your electrical service.
  2. Have your registered Electrical Contractor purchase your Temporary Cut (TCI) \Reconnect Permit using the iPermits system. Visit: the City of Houston > Online Permits (houstontx.gov) 
    • The registered contractor will contact the Houston Permitting Center Electrical Inspections section to request an emergency release to CenterPoint.
  • Afterhours work please use the numbers located in your electrical registration packet for the City of Houston.
    • Then the homeowner needs to contact the Electrical Service Provider (ex., Green Mountain, TXU, Reliant) to obtain a release of electrical service.
  1. Once all necessary releases have been obtained and processed, a requisition will be created to restore power, bringing back normalcy to homes. If you have any questions, please contact: 

Learn More About Reconnect or Temporary Cut In | TPI Permits: Reconnection Fee | Houston Permitting Center  Or Temporary Cut-In Permit | Houston Permitting Center