Repeat Home Builder Code Change Update

Repeat Home Changes to the 2021 Code

Effective January 1, 2024, the City of Houston will begin to review residential projects under the 2021 International Residential Code. For Residential Model / Repeat applicants, this will impact all models previously approved under the 2015 International Residential Code. 

Per Code Word 2021-B01, there will be some allowances for grandfathering in new site-specific submittals. 

Site-specific repeats that fall under the following categories will be permitted to reference 2015 models and are grandfathered under a 2015 site plan review: 

  • The site-specific repeat was submitted prior to January 1, 2024 

  • The site is in a location that can provide supporting information to show the intention to develop dated prior to January 1, 2024. This can be submitted under a plat for developments, a wastewater letter, or other verifiable means. This means for developments that have begun the permitting process or have submitted wastewater letters or supplied other means of development information, 2015 models may be used for repeat submittals. However, this is only effective 5 years following the date shown on the submitted verification information. 

Please note: You will need to have an updated profile to submit your 2021 model plans under.

For example, 2015 MODEL BUILDER should be updated to  2021 MODEL BUILDER”. 

To set up the 2021 profile, email [email protected].  

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding grandfathering verification information or any other questions regarding the program, please contact: 

Residential Plan Review: [email protected]  


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