Development Assistance Agreement

Engineering Services Group - HPWUA1028
Houston Public Works
Engineering Services Group

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 3 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Valid Period
3 years
Processing Time
2 months


A contract for the extension and assistance of Developer Participation Contract.

After Approval

Depending on DPC contract, reimbursement may be requested after completion and acceptance of infrastructure, and for 70% reimbursement contracts, after completion of 25% of homes.

Conditions & Exceptions

DAC must be approved by Director and countersigned by City Controller. Pre-approved, executed bond forms must be approved by Legal prior to start of construction (issuance of Notice to Proceed).

Construction must be completed and accepted by the Office of the City Engineer prior to submitting invoice for reimbursement

What You Need
  • Original DPC with RCA,
  • One original Affidavit form,
  • Vicinity map,
  • Final plat a copy of Certification of Final Completion,
  • Acceptance Letter,
  • Notice to Proceed,
  • Exhibit A and a copy of amending contact (if DPC was extended)
Apply in Person

Set up a meeting with Utility Analysis Developer Services by calling 832.394.8998 or 832.394.9001

Conditions & Exceptions

Must have proof of ownership and proof of payment to engineer, contractor, and testing agency.

What You Need

Construction of pipe must be inspected by Office of the City Engineer. For 70% reimbursement DPCs, inspection by Developer Services staff must be performed to verify complete construction of 25% of homes.

Schedule by Phone

Call 832.394.8998 or 832.394.9001 to schedule an inspection.

Conditions & Exceptions

All inspections are conducted by appointment only.