Consent To Encroachment Over City Easement

Infrastructure Support Group - HPWUA1008
Houston Public Works
Infrastructure Support Group

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8am – 12pm or by appointment
Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Valid Period
For the life of the improvements listed in the application and in no event longer than City shall own or hold the easement(s)
Processing Time
10 business days


Application to request consent to build, construct or erect a building, structure, edifice or other site improvements over and across a City easement or to request consent for an existing encroachment.

After Approval

The applicant will be given the complete submittal package to submit for recordation with Harris County Clerk located at 201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002.

Conditions & Exceptions

Applicant must be either the current fee title owner of the property underlying the easement(s) or must have secured and attached with the application a notarized written consent from the fee title ownerMay require field investigation/inspection

Statutory Authority
What You Need

The applicant must submit a properly completed and notarized original form PW-9873C, exhibits, surveys and construction drawing.

If an easement is designated as "Utility Easement" or not specifically designated otherwise the applicant will contact Center Point Energy and Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. to obtain letters of approval or no objection from these utility companies and any other parties having legal interest in the subject easement(s).

Original letters must be provided at the time of initial submittal or at any time at the applicant's discretion before final approval.

Apply in Person

See Utility Analysis Section, Infrastructure Support Group by appointment or walk-ins between 8 am and 12 pm at the HPC building located 1002 Washington Ave. Walk-ins must pull W-900 number from 1st floor kiosk

Conditions & Exceptions

Original document or certified copies or required