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Houston Public Works
Open Records

1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 4 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
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Valid Period
40 business days
Processing Time
10 business days


Public information means information that is written, produced, collected, assembled, or maintained under a law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business:

  • by a governmental body;
  • for a governmental body and the governmental body:
    • owns the information;
    • has a right to access to the information; or
    • spends or contributes public money for the purpose of writing, producing, collecting, assembling, or maintaining the information;
  • by an individual officer or employee of a governmental body in the officer's or employee’s official capacity and the information pertains to official business of the governmental body.

Information is in connection with the transaction of official business if the information is created by, transmitted to, received by or maintained by an officer or employee of the governmental body in the officer's or employee's official capacity, or a person or entity performing official business or a governmental function on behalf of a governmental body, and pertains to official business of the governmental body.

After Approval

Customers will be notified via email, facsimile, postal mail, or by telephone that the information requested is either ready for pick-up or review. All public information may be reviewed or picked-up by making an appointment online.

Conditions & Exceptions

Fees are regulated by Texas Government Code Chapter 552 Subchapter F and the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

Statutory Authority
What You Need

A written request including the requestor's contact information (full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address) and the nature and scope of the request.

Apply Online

Customers can schedule an appointment for review or pickup here. The easier and faster option is to submit a request at

Apply by Mail

A written request may be mailed to:

City of Houston
Attention: Open Records
1002 Washington Avenue
Houston, Texas 77002

Conditions & Exceptions

An email request may be sent to [email protected].