Bicycle Parking Station

Plan Review
Valid Period
5 years
Processing Time
up to 10 business days


Bicycle parking station means an area on or projecting on any public ROW upon which one or more bicycle racks may be affixed. One who wishes to create and maintain a bicycle parking station on or projecting on any public ROW may apply for a permit and final approval by submitting an application.

After Approval

Scheduled, unannounced inspections are conducted.

What You Need

Application package, which includes:

  • Bike rack(s) to be donated by applicant to the City
  • Application form 
  • Application fee 
  • Appendix B: 2-D Sketch of placement and location of bicycle rack station 
  • Exhibit for Bike rack details

Apply in Person

Bring the completed application and supporting documents to the Office of the City Engineer's ROW-Encroachment section, located at 1002 Washington Ave. on the 2nd Floor.

Apply by Mail

Mail the application, supporting documents and payment (certified or cashier's check only) to:

Office of the City Engineer ROW-Encroachment
1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

What You Need
  • site plan to show the station dimensions and measurement to curb;
  • bike rack details