Roadway and Sidewalk Obstructions

Mobility Permits Section - HPWMP1001
Houston Public Works
Mobility Permits Section

611 Walker, 5th Floor
Houston TX 77002

8 am to 4:30 pm
Plan Review
Sidewalk: $71.33 to $112.95 Lane closure: $59.45 to $160.50
Admin fee
$29.72 per permit
Renewal fee
Varies (see Conditions & Exceptions)
Valid Period
Processing Time
up to 10 business days


A mobility permit allows the City to maintain a safe and orderly movement of vehicles and pedestrians through safe work zone practices.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place, cause, or allow any impairment or obstruction of a sidewalk or roadway, except as authorized by a permit. Permits should be secured prior to obstructing a public roadway or public sidewalk.

After Approval

Permit must be posted on premises. Non-scheduled, unannounced inspections are conducted. The permit holder must accept all terms of the permit conditions and execute them in a timely manner.

Conditions & Exceptions

Permits may be rejected or held in pending status if the contractor doesn’t fulfill permit conditions. See sidewalk and roadway obstruction rules and regulations for more details. 

What You Need
  • Company profile created on GIMS
  • User Profile attached to the company
  • Insurance certificate - City of Houston must be added on
    • $100,000 minimum liability for property damage per occurrence
    • $250,000 per person
    • $500,000 per occurrence
  • A site plan and profile of the location (If required)
  • Traffic Control Plan (If required)
Apply Online

1. Log in or Register for a GIMS account
2. Complete Roadway/Sidewalk/sidewalk café/general permit application
3. Once permit is completed, an email notification will be sent upon approval or the contractor will be notified.

Apply in Person

For assistance with applying:

611 Walker, 5th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Prior to applying in person, please contact 832.395.3020.

Conditions & Exceptions

Single lane closure applications may use standard Traffic Standards for a Traffic Control Plan (TCP). For multi-lane or full closures, a TCP must be submitted prior to permit approval.

Full street closures require a 7-day public notice.

What You Need

Only the Traffic Control Plan Set is required for review. The plans may be submitted on a case by case basis. Appointments are set up through the Inspectors responsible for that specific area.

Submit Plans in Person

Applicants can contact the main office line at 832.395.3020 or stop by in person at 611 Walker, 5th floor.

What You Need

Non-scheduled, unannounced inspections are conducted.

  • A copy of the permits and approved Traffic Control Plans must be on site and available for view.
  • All traffic control must be set up in accordance to the standards of Traffic Control Plan approved by the City.
Conditions & Exceptions

The permit holder must accept all terms of the permit conditions and execute them in a timely manner.

What You Need

Renewals can be submitted by following the same log in procedures (GIMS)

Renew Online

1. Log in or Register for a GIMS account
2. Click the Pay Now link; once permit renewal is submitted.
2. Accepted forms of payment are credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
3. Once payment is received, permit can be immediately printed.

Renew in Person

611 Walker 5th floor lobby, applicants may use lobby computer for assistance.

Conditions & Exceptions

Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to or at the same time the permit is renewed.
A zero due balance is required to generate new permits.
Insurance certificate on file must be current.
All hard holds must be removed prior to issuance of permit.