Private developer infrastructure

Floodplain Management Office - HPWFMO1030
Houston Public Works
Floodplain Management Office

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 3 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
Admin fee
Plan review fee
less than an acre w/o conveyance: $1,396.90; more than an acre w/o conveyance: $1,864.43
Valid Period
5 years
Processing Time


Private developer infrastructure consists of the design, construction, operation, and modification of streets, alleys, bridges, traffic control signs and signals, sewers , water and fire lines, and underground conduit systems. Private developer infrastructure plans must be submitted to the Office of the City Engineer for Floodplain Management Office review

After Approval

Applicant must pay for permit prior to construction. Permit must be kept on premises in public view, facing the right of way. Pre-construction, pre-fill (if introducing additional fill on site), and final inspections are conducted.

Conditions & Exceptions

1. Floodplain development permit is not complete until signed, 2. Violations of the permit will be subject to citations as provided per Chapter 19 of the Code of Ordinances. 3. Fees may vary depending on acreage size and if the parcel is located in a conveyance zone or the floodway.

Statutory Authority
What You Need

1. Drawings with flood plan notes (FIRM panel, base flood elevation, floodplain zone), 2. Drawings with relevant survey benchmarks and elevation reference marks, 3. Flood proofing certificate may be required based on scope of work

Submit Plans Online

Applicant can use Project Dox to submit online 1. Upload all required documents and drawings
2. Mark complete the assigned task.

Submit Plans in Person

Submit plans to the permit counter within the Office of the City Engineer