Lodging Facility

Occupancy Inspections - HPWCODE1117
Houston Public Works
Occupancy Inspections

Physical Address:

1002 Washington Ave., 1st Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2688
Houston, TX 77252-2688

832.394.8880 (main)
8 am to 4:30 pm
Plan Review
Not Required
Admin fee
Inspection fee
Renewal fee
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
1-4 weeks


Lodging Facility means an establishment that furnishes lodging to three or more persons who are unrelated to the owner of the establishment by blood or marriage. The term “lodging facility” shall not include a:

  1. Boarding home, as defined in article XIV of Chapter 28,
  2. Hotel or bed and breakfast facility, each as defined in article VI of Chapter 28, or
  3. Single-family residential building, condominium, or townhouse that is owner-occupied for at least three months of the year.
After Approval

Owner will post and maintain permit in a public area of the facility.

Additional Resources
Statutory Authority
What You Need
  1. Pre-application questionnaire form 
  2. A valid Certificate of Occupancy
  3. Lodging Facility Permit Application and Addendum
  4. A certified copy of the Assumed Name certificate or a certified copy of the articles of incorporation or other certificate authorizing you to transact business in this state;
  5. A copy of the recorded deed to show proof of current fee ownership for the tract of land;
  6. If the owner of the facility is not the current fee owner for the tract of land, then a copy of the lease, purchase contract or other document evidencing that the owner of the facility has the land owner approval to use for this purpose.
  7. Proof of current, passed Lodging Facility inspection.
  8. Method of payment: cash, check, debit/credit (Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard)

Apply in Person
  1. Submit the pre-application form to [email protected].
  2. As directed by the City, obtain a copy or apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.
  3. Upon Occupancy Inspection completion, schedule an appointment to apply for the Lodging Facility permit.
  4. An appointment is required to bring the completed application and supporting documents to Occupancy Inspection section, located at 1002 Washington Ave, 1st floor. To schedule an appointment please email: [email protected].
What You Need
Schedule Online
  1. Email the completed inspection application form to [email protected].
  2. A representative will reply with instructions for online payment and an inspection date.
Conditions & Exceptions

The annual inspection may be completed up to 3 months prior to permit anniversary date.

The cost of the first Annual Inspection will be waived if the Certificate of Occupancy is applied for within the first year after the ordinance is adopted.

What You Need
  1. Passed annual inspection
  2. Lodging Facility Permit Application and addendum
  3. Method of payment: cash, check, debit/credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard)
Renew in Person
  1. Email the permit application and supporting documents to [email protected].
  2. Upon approval, a representative will reply with a sales order.
  3. Complete payment at the cashier booth to receive permit.