Annual Pier Licensing

Lake Houston - HPWCODE1006
Houston Public Works
Lake Houston

Physical Address:

22627 W. Shorewood Loop Dr

Huffman, TX 77336

Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Admin fee
Renewal fee
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
up to 2 business days


Boat Dock requirement for access to Lake Houston. Commercial pier means a pier that is used for mooring of vessels for money or other consideration, including, but not limited to, any of the following: vessel livery; commercial fishing camp; public beach; camping area; private club; and homeowners' association. The term also includes any pier to be used for the mooring of more than two vessels that require licenses.

After Approval

Metal pier tag must be displayed on dock and visible to Lake Houston Patrol.

Conditions & Exceptions

Required for verification purposes.

What You Need

Lake Houston Office Submits for New Billing Request. Application in general. The applicant must submit: (1) The type of license being applied for; (2) The calendar year being applied for; (3) The name of the applicant; (4) The mailing address of the applicant; (5) The telephone number(s) of the applicant; (6) The name of the property owner; (7) The mailing address of the property owner; (8) The telephone number(s) of the property owner; (9) The payment of the fees. Pier license applications shall also include the following: (1) The lake address of the structure to be licensed; (2) The lot and block numbers, name of addition, lot size in square feet; (3) The location on the creek, bayou, fork, or main body; (4) The name of the body of water; (5) The square feet of pier and number of dockage spaces on shore; (6) The linear feet of shoreline and number of dockage spaces on shore; (7) The commercial or residential designation.

What You Need

Annual invoice mailed to owner.

Renew Online

1. Log in or create an iPermits account. 2. Import Shopping Cart/Invoice number 3. Pay fees (e-check, credit/debit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

Renew by Mail

Fill out current application and include Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order, payable to:

City of Houston

P.O. Box 2688

Houston Texas 77252-2688

Once processed, a permit will be mailed to recipient.