Commercial Pool Permit

Swimming Pool Safety and Inspections - HHD1012
Houston Health Department
Swimming Pool Safety and Inspections

Plan Review:

1002 Washington Ave, 3rd floor
Houston, TX 77002

Inspections and Permits:

8000 North Stadium Drive, 2nd Fl.
Houston, TX 77054

832.394.9377 (plan review)
7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Plan Review
Admin fee
Plan review fee
Inspection fee
Renewal fee
Late Fee
Valid Period
1 year
Processing Time
5 business days


A commercial pool includes those in hotels, apartments, condos, schools, natatoriums, spas, wading pools, public interactive water feature and fountain (PIWF), amusement parks, etc.

A permit is required per pool. The permit is non-transferrable from owner to owner.

After Approval

The permit must be kept on premises.

An annual, non-scheduled/unannounced inspection is conducted.

Renewal invoices are sent 30-45 days prior to expiration date.

Conditions & Exceptions

If an inspection is failed, a reinspection fee of $196.18 shall be charged along with an admin fee.

Additional Resources
What You Need

To apply for the construction of a new commercial pool, you will need to:

  • Complete a building permit application
  • Complete a deed restrictions declaration form
  • Pay the plan review fees


Apply Online
  1. Log in or create an iPermits account
  2. Complete a commercial building permit application
  3. Upload the deed restrictions declaration form
  4. Pay the plan review fees
Conditions & Exceptions

Not for dog washes and fountains.

What You Need

Requirements for submitting construction plans for a new pool or spa:

  • A complete sets of plans with specifications.
  • Plans must be drawn to scale and scale noted on plan. Include top view and side view of pool and spa with appropriate measurements.
  • Show size and type of filter and pump.
  • Show location of pump and filter in relation to pool/spa.
  • Show total number of gallons
  • Note surface area of pool/spa in square feet
  • Include the name and address of pool/spa location
  • Indicate the size and type of piping with schematic, drawn to scale
Submit Plans Online

Once fees are paid, you will receive an invitation to upload plans into ProjectDox. A username and temporary password will be included in the invitation if you are new to ProjectDox.

Follow the instructions in the email to complete your plan submission. For more details, please review the user guide.

What You Need
  1. Once construction is completed, a preoperational inspection is required.
  2. If corrections are required, call for a re-inspection.
  3. If inspection is passed then a permit is invoiced and processed.
Schedule by Phone

To request an inspection or re-inspection, call 832-393-5100. Customer will be notified the day prior to coming out.

Conditions & Exceptions

To request an inspection via email: [email protected].

What You Need

A renewal invoice is mailed 30-45 days prior to the expiration date.

It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to contact the Health Department prior to expiration date if an invoice is not received.

Renew Online
  1. Click the Pay Now link
  2. Accepted forms of payment are credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
  3. Once payment is received, the permit will be mailed to the address on file.
Renew in Person

You can renew in person at the following locations:

Houston Health Department
8000 N. Stadium, 1st floor
Houston, TX 77054

Houston Permitting Center (permit will be mailed)
1002 Washington Avenue,
Houston, TX 77002 

Renew by Mail

To renew by mail:

  1. Fill out the bottom of the invoice
  2. Send the invoice and check (money order, cashier check, business check) to:
    PO Box 300008
    Houston, TX 77230-008
  3. Once payment is processed a permit will be mailed to the address on file.
Conditions & Exceptions

Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to or at the same time the permit is renewed. A zero due balance is required to generate the invoice.