The City of Houston regulates burglar alarms and panic alarms pursuant to Chapter 11, Article III of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances. The Burglar Alarm Administration manages the permitting, billing and collections program for monitored burglar alarm and panic alarm systems within the City limits.

We educate residential and non-residential alarm system owners, operators and users about the alarm permit requirement and false alarm prevention measures. It is vital for an alarm system owner, operator and user to have accurate knowledge and thorough on all aspects on the alarm system to ensure proper operation and to not trigger a false alarm. False alarms are a serious concern to public safety. They divert police officers from other emergencies in progress, increase citywide emergency response times, and are an inefficient use of limited financial resources.


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1002 Washington Ave., 1st floor
Houston, TX 77002

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PO Box 203887
Houston, TX 77216-3887

8 am to 5 pm


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