Wild Animals Temporary Permit

Plan Review
Not Required
$100 to $300
Valid Period
up to 30 days
Processing Time
20+ business days
Administration & Regulatory Affairs

Physical Address:

3200 Carr St.
Houston, TX 77026


Term "Production" means any temporary exhibition of use of a wild animal for purposes of a television, movie, or stage production, circus, or carnival performance, traveling zoo or animal exposition or other similar use.

After Approval

Keep permit on file at location

Conditions & Exceptions

Permit will not be issued

Additional fee details
  • Less than 5 animals: $100.00
  • 6 to 10 animals: $200.00
  • 11 or more animals: $300.00
What You Need

The applicant for production permit shall provide:

  • The wild animal is required for the production;
  • The wild animal will be in the direct charge of its trainer or another person who is familiar with the wild animal and has been trained in its handling and care;
  • The applicant will, consistent with the size and characteristics of the wild animal, have additional handlers available as required to control the wild animal at any time that it is not confined;
  • The owner of each place where the production will take place and the owner of each place where the wild animal will be kept, if different, has consented in writing to its presence;
  • The applicant holds a policy of public liability insurance issued by a carrier authorized to write the policy under Texas law in an amount of not less than $100,000.00, per occurrence, providing coverage in case of injury or death of any person or damage to any property that results from negligence in the control or handling of the wild animal; and
  • The wild animal will be kept in such manner as to prevent its escape and to prevent injury to persons not associated with the production.
  • A description of each wild animal to be kept;
  • A copy of the state or federal license or other evidence that the person holds a current and valid state or federal license to keep and use the wild animals for the production;
  • Evidence that each person on whose property the production will be presented or the wild animals will be kept has consented to the presence of the wild animals on the person's property; and
  • The name, local address and local telephone number of a person or persons who may be contacted for inspections conducted or notices given by the director or in case of any escape, attack or other incident involving the wild animal.
Apply in Person

Apply in person at BARC Animal Shelter:
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

Apply by Mail

Mail to:
BARC Animal Shelter
c/o Animal Enforcement Manager
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

What You Need
  • Plan of facilities of where animals will be kept
Submit Plans in Person

Submit all paperwork in person to the BARC Animal Shelter:
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026 

Permit will be issued once all is completed.

What You Need

Inspector will review:

  • Property 
  • Care 
  • Animal restraint/confinement
Schedule by Phone

Call BARC Animal Enforcement at 713-229-7300.