Commercial Breeder's Permit

Administration & Regulatory Affairs

Physical Address:

3200 Carr St.
Houston, TX 77026

Plan Review
Not Required
Renewal fee
Valid Period
1 Year
Processing Time
Up to 15 business days


A commercial breeder means any person who:

  1. Breeds dogs or cats for the purpose of selling or
  2. Sells or offers for sale unneutered or unspayed offspring of dogs or cats to another person.
After Approval

Keep permit on file at location.

Conditions & Exceptions

If an application is incomplete, documentation is not provided, and does not meet all requirements the permit will not be issued.

What You Need

An application for a Commercial Breeder's Permit shall include:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the location where the breeding will be conducted 
  • A description of the types of animals to be bred 
  • Proof of all current vaccinations for animals of age
  • Any other information deemed necessary by the director
Apply in Person

Bring the completed application and required documents to BARC Animal Shelter:
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

Apply by Mail

Mail the completed application and required documents to:
BARC Animal Shelter
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

What You Need
  • Current government-issued photo identification
  • All current medical records for applicable animals
  • Method of payment
Submit Plans in Person

Submit all paperwork in person to the BARC Animal Shelter:
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026 

Permit will be issued once all is completed.

What You Need

A renewal invoice is mailed 30-45 days prior to the expiration date. It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to contact BARC Animal Enforcement prior to expiration date if an invoice is not received.

  • Commercial breeder application
  • Current medical records for animals,
  • Copy of current ID
  • Method of payment: check, cash, money order, and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) 
Renew in Person

Submit the completed application, required documents, and payment to BARC Animal Shelter:
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

Renew by Mail

Mail completed application, required documents, and payment to:
BARC Animal Shelter
3200 Carr Street,
Houston, TX 77026