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Multi-Family Rental Property Registration
02534-01 Service Reconnection For Liner Pipe
02091-01 Non- Metallic Frame and Cover

2021 Detail for 02091-01 Non-Metallic Frame and Cover (effective October 1, 2021)


Last updated: July 6, 2021

02531-02 Sealing Of Cured-In-Place Liner At Manhole
02084-02A Steel Adjusting Riser
02084-02B Steel Adjusting Riser
08C10 Interior Wood Partition

The following drawing is an example of typical construction and can be used as a reference.

NOTE: This is not an engineered drawing.  

22-02-R Residential Framing Cross-Section Template (Braced Rafters)

The template drawing is to assist in the preparation of plans for residential remodeling and addition projects.

Updated 05/04/2022

Carport Requirements Brochure

Building permit requirements and information about carports

02534-03A Manhole Lining Payment Limits