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Multi-Family Rental Property Registration
Request Storm Payment Form

Request form for DPC storm payment.

Last updated: 5/9/2022

Code Change Proposal Form (CE1291)

This form should be completed when submitting a proposed code change during an established comment period.

Last updated: 03/02/2020

Landowners Agreement (CE1237)

Landowner's agreement for house moves. 

SWQ Requirements - Fort Bend
Request For Acknowledgment Of Easement Reverter

Request For Acknowledgment Of Easement Reverter.
This document maintained by the Joint Referral Committee.

Developer Performance Bond - Non DPC

Developer performance bond as required by City of Houston Code Sec. 47-163. This is for non-Developer Participation Contract (DPC) projects.
Last update: 07/24/2020.
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Vehicle Updates and Changes form

Please contact us at the information below.
Phone: 832.393.5603 and can also Email: [email protected].

Owners Annual Affidavit
Surface Restoration Bond

One year surface restoration bond - informal contract

This document is maintained by Taps & Meters.