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Rules for Waiver Request for the Temporary Placement of Manufacture Home due to Harvey (CE1322)

Rules for a waiver request for the temporary placement of a manufactured home or recreational vehicle on a residential property due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Last updated: 2/14/2018

00629 Affidavit For FAA Form 7460-1
Groundwater Plant Design Guidelines Redlines from 2020-2021 Review Cycle
00690 Acceptance Of Street And Storm Sewer Elements Project
00812 Wage Scale For Heavy Construction

Wage scale and payroll requirements for heavy construction

Last updated: Jan. 2023

00498 Notice of Intent To Award
Storm Plan Review Walk-in Service Guidelines (OCE-0006)

Qualifications and procedures for storm drainage plan review virtual "walk-in" service. New guidelines are effective Jan. 30, 2023. 

Exhibit B 2018

Request for reimbursement of eligible storm sewer drainage costs.

Last updated: March 16, 2022

Human Trafficking Indicator Signage and Display for Hotels (HT-001)

This policy establishes and builds upon the requirement in Sec. 28-213 regarding signage and display of human trafficking indicators, the Houston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit contact information, and the National Human Trafficking Hotline contact information.


Last updated: 06/03/2020