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Ordinance No. 2020-684 Walkable Places

Ordinance amending Chapters 1, 10, 26, 33, 40 and 42 of the Code of Ordinances relating to establishing standards for Walkable Places in the City and amending related provisions for transit oriented development, and establishing fees. Changes are effective October 1, 2020.


Guia para construir una cochera

Requerimientos para Permisos de Construcción e Información (Carport requirements brochure in Spanish)


Garbage Collection Plan - Chapter 42 Amendments

A Garbage Collection Plan is required for a development or subdivision that contains lots that take access from private streets, permanent access easements, or shared driveways located inside the City of Houston Corporate Limits, that proposes 25 residential units or less.

Chapter 42 and 26 Presentation to AIA

Chapter 42: Performance Standards 1
Chapter 26 Incentives: Options & Opportunities

Public Hearing - Replat With Notification

Last Updated: June 2015 

Ordinance Notes and Plat Notes
Minimum Public Street Roadway Width for Shared Driveway Projects

Shared driveways must intersect with a public street that has a roadway width of 18 feet or more as measured at the narrowest point of the roadway adjacent to the tract (see Chapter 42, section 145).

Carport Requirements Brochure

Building permit requirements and information about carports

Plat Application Submittal Requirements

All items listed in Chapter 42, Division 2 of the Code of Ordinances.

Construction Maintenance Easement