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Dumpster Affidavit - Spanish
List of Alternate Housing and Correctional Facility Applications and Permits

List of alternate housing and correctional facility applications and permit issuance

Last updated: 4/09/2020

Review Cycle Infrastructure Design Manual Redlines

2020 IDM redlines


2019 Infrastructure Design Manual

The 2019 version of the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM)

Review Cycle Detail Redlines
Product Approval Application

Application form for product approval by the Office of the City Engineer's Product Review Committee.

02741-01 to 04

02741-01 Hot-Mix Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Details 

02741-04 Public Use Alley

02751-01 to 02752-01

02751-01 Concrete Pavement Details

02752-01 Pavement Expansion and Construction Joint Details

02754-03 to 02754-04

02754-03 Proposed Sidewalk Through Driveway with Excessive Elevation Difference 

02754-04 Existing/Proposed Curb Level Sidewalk Conditions

IDM Variance Request Form for City Funded Projects

Request for variance from the Infrastructure Design Manual criteria for city funded projects. Requests are reviewed by the City Engineer.