Site Plan Compliance Review (One Stop)

Plan Review
Not Required
See City of Houston fee schedule
Admin fee
Plan review fee
See City of Houston fee schedule
Valid Period
Life of Permit
Processing Time
Same Day
Planning & Development

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002 

8 am to 3 pm


A site plan review that does not require a development plat and is related to single family residence. Refer to 42-22 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances. Additions and remodels.

After Approval

Remain in compliance with approved permit set.

Statutory Authority
What You Need

Need to include with the permit set of drawings:

  • Detailed site plan (2 copies per minimum requirements below)
  • Recorded plat (with property normally designated as Unrestricted Reserve; and survey upon request)
  • Prior review information if resubmittal (Markups, notes and/or correspondence from staff)
Apply Online

Complete a building permit application via iPermits Portal and include in plan set submittal.

Apply in Person

Include in building permit set

Conditions & Exceptions

Refer to Chapter 42-22 (1-5)

What You Need

Include a civil or architectural drawn site plan in building permit set. (Paper or Electronic)

Submit Plans Online
  1. Log into ProjectDox portal and upload plan set into the appropriate folders.
  2. Complete the assigned task to notify the City the plan set is ready for review.
Submit Plans in Person
  1. Submit documents and plans at the Permits Office located on the first floor at 1002 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77002.
  2. Plans will be routed to the Planning Department. 
  3. Applicant will be notified when plans are ready for pickup.
  4. Re-submittals are accepted at the window on the 3rd floor.