2015 IBC Houston Amendments Webinar - Part 2

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This event is free and open to the public. Please register to receive the webinar link via email. The webinar will be held on Microsoft Teams.  

Name of Instructor:  Michael Howard, Deputy Building Official

Specialty: Houston Construction Code Amendments

Course length: 2 hours, CEU credits available

Course objective: Identify the updated Houston amendments to the 2015 IBC and all changes between the 2012 IBC Houston amendments and the recently adopted 2015 IBC Houston amendments.

Learning outcome 1: The first half of the class will cover the first half of the Houston IBC and identify the changes between the previous 2012 Houston amendments and the recently adopted 2015 Houston amendments in the IBC. The training is intended to be a candid discussion of the Houston changes and how the changes might affect construction and permit application requests.

Learning outcome 2:  The second part of the class will continue the overview of changes and the discussion to complete the remaining amendments. Examples of code applications will be discussed for many of the significant changes.