Substantial Damage Determination Request (SDDR)

Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Plan review fee
No Fee
Processing Time
10 business days
Houston Public Works

1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 3 pm


Any property owner requesting a determination of Substantial Damage must submit an application form along with the required documentation (NFIP Proof of Loss or detailed cost estimate, etc.) for review.

After Approval

Applicant will receive letter by mail or email citing the results of the substantial damage determination

Conditions & Exceptions

If substantially damaged, no repair/improvement/conversion permit will be issued until the structure is brought into compliance by elevation per the Chapter 19 ordinance

What You Need

1. Completed application,

2.Supporting documentation such as NFIP Proof of Loss or Final Report OR Project Cost Estimate Form w/ HCAD Summary or Private Appraisal

Apply Online

Email [email protected] for application

Apply in Person

Apply in person at 1002 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor

Conditions & Exceptions

Completed request form may be emailed to [email protected]. May require SDE assessment prior to decision letter be emailed/mailed