Refurbishment of Non-Conforming Commercial Advertising Signs (On premises)

Plan Review
Not Required
$90.76 (Refurb/Minimum Construction)
Admin fee
Plan review fee
Inspection fee
Valid Period
Current period
Processing Time
4 to 11 business days
Houston Public Works

1002 Washington Ave., 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

8 am to 4:30 pm


Refurbishment means to restore to like-new condition. This is not to be confused with retrofit, alteration, modification or replacement.

Certain signs, especially non-conforming signs enjoying “grandfathered” status, may require refurbishment from time to time. Currently permitted but “grandfathered” signs may enjoy having a refurb permit issued to a licensed sign contractor that will do the work for restoration, life-safety maintenance, or repair of limited damages in accordance with Section 4605 (e) (5).

Conditions & Exceptions
  • A new operating permit fee is not charged.
  • Minimum sign electrical permit fee: $85.44
Statutory Authority
What You Need
  • Complete the Prerequisite Checklist
  • Complete and notarize the On-Premise Application
  • Complete an Electrical Wiring Permit Application, if applicable
  • Compile a complete & acceptable plan set in accordance with the Prerequisite Checklist
Apply Online

Contractors only; no individuals

  1. If you do not have an iPermits account, complete the iPermits Acknowledgment Form and create your account.
  2. Complete online application via iPermits.
  3. Pay fees (advanced pay account, e-check or credit card accepted)
  4. Receive email from ProjectDox system ([email protected]) with upload Task Assignment
  5. Log into ProjectDox to upload documents and drawings.
  6. Complete the assigned upload task to notify ProjectDox that the plans are ready for review.
Conditions & Exceptions

As with new sign work, refurbishment of existing signs is typically performed by licensed sign contractors. Note: Refurbishment means to restore to original, like new condition. This doesn't include retrofitting, upgrading, enlarging, reducing, altering or otherwise modifying the sign. Retrofitting, upgrading, enlarging, reducing, altering or otherwise modifying an existing sign equates to new sign work.

Additional Resources
What You Need

Submit the items required in accordance with the Prerequisite Checklist:…

Submit Plans Online

Contractors only; no individuals 

  1. Once an online application is submitted and the fees are paid, an invitation to upload plans into ProjectDox is automatically sent via email. If you are a first time user, a user name and password will be included in the invitation.
  2. Once logged-in to ProjectDox, select the task; eForm will open.
  3. Upload your plans and documents/photos into the appropriate folders.
  4. Return to the eForm and mark the task as completed.
What You Need

Site Inspection: 

  1. Once plans are preliminarily approved, the site inspection is performed to confirm that the scope of work and the business situs is and will remain code-compliant.
  2. Upon approval of the site inspection, the contractor must retrieve their stamped plans, all permits and the site verification sheet. 
  3. Tag A inspection of the sign can be scheduled. 

In-progress Inspections: 

  1. On-site Tag A inspection of sign dismounted-to-trailer.
  2. For electrical signs, a shop inspection must be completed and approved.
  3. On-site Tag B inspection of sign on trailer.
  4. Complete an electrical final inspection, if needed.
  5. A construction final inspection must be completed and approved once work is completed.
Schedule Online

Sign electrical and other inspections cannot be scheduled online. However, Sign Administration construction final inspections may be requested via email at [email protected].

Schedule by Phone
  • Site inspections are a natural result of a successful plan review and do not need to be scheduled.
  • For all other sign inspections, call 832-394-8890. Please have your project number ready.
  • For electrical inspection, call 832-394-8860.
Conditions & Exceptions
  • Final inspections may be requested via email at [email protected].
  • Electrical and in-progress inspections are conducted the next business day.
  • It may take up to seven [7] business days to conduct the construction final inspection.
  • If any inspection is failed, a re-inspection fee may be charged.
  • Catastrophic damage or life-safety structural failing should be reported ASAP to a Senior Inspector, the Assistant Chief Inspector, the Division Manager or the Sign Administrator for guidance.