Electronic locks permit

Plan Review
Not Required
min. $87.24 (see Conditions & Exceptions)
Admin fee
Valid Period
180 days
Processing Time
20 minutes per application
Houston Public Works

Physical Address:

1002 Washington Ave., 1st Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2688
Houston, TX 77252-2688

8 am to 4:30 pm


E-lock inspection is conducted to insure that electronic locks used to secure buildings have been installed correctly, and that under emergency conditions all magnetic locks release to provide immediate exit egress.

After Approval

A door tag should be displayed per device and per floor.

Conditions & Exceptions

If the plans are approved, customer will pick-up the plans and pay the 05 permit fee


O5 Permit fee:                               $80.41                *Permit fee without the Admin fee

RV Permit – Revision fee:            $83.00               *Permit fee without the Admin fee

OT Permit – Overtime fee:          $284.59              *Permit fee without the Admin fee

E-lock Retag

1-5 tags:             $80.41                *Permit fee without the Admin fee
6-10 tags:           $114.86              *Permit fee without the Admin fee
11-15 tags:         $172.29              *Permit fee without the Admin fee


Statutory Authority
What You Need

A completed application through iPermits and submit your plans through ProjectDox. Please the Electronic Locks User Guide for more detail.

Apply Online
  1. Log into iPermit portal


What You Need

Plans w/Spec(s) One-line Diagram Doors Numbered Legend Address Matches App. Total Square Feet Listed Sprinkler System Identified Total Number of Floors in Bldg. Scaling Size Identified Existing Door Info. Wiring Declaration Statement All Re-entry Floors Listed

Submit Plans Online

Effective all plans must be submitted online.

What You Need

1. Access to all areas approved on plans.

Schedule Online

To schedule an appointment please email: [email protected].

Conditions & Exceptions

Contractor must be present to perform the inspection. Building emergency exit system must be operational. All electric door locking hardware and software must be installed.