Reinspection (Corrections)

Plan Review
Not Required
Not Required
Varies based on inspection report
Admin fee
Inspection fee
Valid Period
180 days after original inspection date.
Processing Time
The permits are purchased through the permit section.
Houston Public Works

Physical Address:

1002 Washington Ave., 1st Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2688
Houston, TX 77252-2688

8 am to 4:30 pm


Permits for structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are generally required for corrections called for in the occupancy inspection report.

After Approval

An original Certificate of Occupancy must be posted in a clear visible place on the premises. Certificate will only be issued to original applicant or the applicant's designated agent along with a letter on company letterhead stating that the agent can pickup the certificate. The applicant must include the project number in the body of the letter.

Conditions & Exceptions

If an inspection is scheduled and no one is there to meet the inspector(s), a reinspection fee of $110.92 will be required.

Statutory Authority
What You Need

Customer needs to pay a re-inspection fee for inspector to drive to and perform the trade inspection to verify that corrections have been made, and that the construction is code compliant.

What You Need

Access to all areas where the code violations were found.

Schedule by Phone

A reinspection or final inspection may be scheduled by phone at 832-394-8880.Yes, only for reinspection or final inspection.

Conditions & Exceptions

Owner or agent must be present for us to perform the inspection. All areas that required corrections must be accessible.