Clothes Dryer Installation Permit

Instrument Reference Number
Areas of Interest
Valid Period
180 days
Not Required
Plan Review
$87.24 or $4.50 per dryer, whichever is greater
Admin fee
Plan review fee
Subject to valuation plan review
Processing Time
1 business day

An electrical permit is required in any instance in which a new outlet or circuit must be installed to serve the needs of a new or repaired appliance within a home or a business.


Conditions and Exceptions

Applicants seeking to install or repair a gas dryer may need an additional permit from plumbing. 

Apply What you need

Registered electrical contractors or appliance installers who wish to install appliances must apply for an electrical permit. Some types of security lighting may also require an electrical permit Apply Online

To apply for an electrical permit online, registered electrical contractors must follow the steps below:


Apply Online Steps

To apply for an electrical permit online, please have your registered electrical contractor or appliance installer:

  1. Log in or register for an iPermits account 
  2. Complete an electrical permit application in the iPermits portal,
  3. Pay any applicable fees associated with the application, and
  4. Print the permit. 

Alternatively, completed applications may be emailed to [email protected].

Apply by Email

Only Available to Advance Pay Account holders

To apply for an electrical permit by fax, please have your registered electrical contractor send a completed copy of the CE-1057 Electrical Building Permit Application to 832.395.9601.

Apply Conditions & Exceptions

Please note that large scale commercial projects may require plan review before approval. When requesting a plan review for your project, please be sure to provide two complete sets of plans if submitting by paper. 

Plan Review What you need

NOTE: The submittal, review and approval of plans may be required for some types of projects. Please contact the Plan Review group at 832.394.8810 or [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.  

Plan Review Submit Online Steps

Submit Plans Online

All plans must be submitted electronically. To submit your plans for review, follow these steps:

  1. Log in or register for an iPermits account.
  2. Complete a permit application in the iPermits portal.
  3. Pay any applicable fees associated with the application.
  4. After permit fees have been paid, you will receive an invitation to upload plans into ProjectDox.
  5. Upload all required documents and drawings to ProjectDox.
  6. Mark the assigned task "complete" to finalize your plan submission.

For a complete and detail list of steps, please refer to the EPR User guides at

Inspection What you need

Please keep a copy of the permit and the approved copy of the plans (if applicable) on-site for inspection. If corrections are required, you will need to reschedule the inspection. 

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

To schedule inspections, contact the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System at 713-222-9922.

Please follow the prompts and have the project number and your scheduling PIN readily available.

Inspection Schedule Online Steps

Schedule Online

To schedule an inspection online:

1. Access our scheduling website through the link below.

2. Enter the appropriate project number into the field and click the Submit button.

3. Select the appropriate permit type from the drop-down box and click the Submit button.

4. Click on the "Request" link.

5. Select the type of inspection(s) that you wish to schedule by clicking on the text box besides it/them.

6. Enter your license number (digits only) and scheduling PIN number and click the Submit button.

Inspection Conditions & Exceptions

In order to schedule an inspection, both the electrical master and contractor's licenses registrations must be in good standing.

Inspections that repeatedly fail may be charged a re-inspection fee in addition to an admin fee.

Prior to scheduling an inspection, please make sure that the permit is not inactive and that all holds (if any) have been approved.

Applicants may now sign up for email or text notifications via our Inspections Notification System.

To obtain information about the inspector assigned to your project, please call our section at 832.394.8860 between 7:15 am and 8 am on the date of the inspection.

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