Commercial Driveway, Sidewalk, or Curb & Gutter Permit

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
180 days
Not Required
Plan Review
minimum $103.00 and varies higher
Processing Time

For the construction of a new driveway and/or sidewalk; or for removing and replacing an existing driveway, sidewalk, and/or curb & gutter.

After Approval

Permit is valid for one year. Any changes to the original permit requires a revision process.

Conditions and Exceptions

Must follow the approved traffic stamp site plan to pass all inspections

Apply What you need
  • Application with project number
  • Two copies of drawings or survey
  • Bond 


Apply Online Steps
  1. Log in to iPermits portal account
  2. Select Building Permit Application from the main menu
  3. Select Begin New Application.
  4. Select Commercial Applications to reveal the drop-down menu
  5. Select One-Stop Commercial Building Permit Application
  6. Complete the required fields and submit your application. 
Apply Conditions & Exceptions

May require Urban Forestry approval prior to sidewalk/driveway permit approval.

Plan Review What you need
  • Completed Sidewalk application
  • Drawings or survey
Plan Review Submit Online Steps

Once you have submitted your iPermits application, you will receive an invitation to upload your plans to ProjectDox:

  1. Log in to your ProjectDox account. If this is your first time using ProjectDox, a temporary password will be included in your invite.
  2. Accept your task to upload drawings and documents.
  3. Upload your drawings and the completed application to the appropriate folders.
  4. Complete your task to submit your plans to the City for review.
Inspection What you need

Once construction is completed, client will notify Construction Services Section for inspection.

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

Call 832-394-9496 to request an inspection.

Inspection Conditions & Exceptions

For inspections on paving inside private property, contact Structural Inspections.

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