Subdivision Identification Marker

Instrument Reference Number
Areas of Interest
Not Required
Plan Review
$225.15 (first 2 markers) + $45.03 per marker thereafter
Admin fee
Processing Time
up to 10 business days

Subdivision Identification Marker means a marker placed in the public right-of-way (ROW) intended to identify a residential community or residential development with 50 or more platted single-family residential lots. Subdivision identification markers located within the public ROW must be registered with the Office of the City Engineer.

The construction of new markers and the refurbishment of existing subdivision markers (those located within the public ROW on December 31, 2008) requires a permit.

After Approval

Scheduled, unannounced inspections are conducted.

Conditions and Exceptions

No fees will be assessed for the registration of existing subdivision markers. A construction permit is required after the subdivision marker permit is issued.

Apply What you need
  • Subdivision Marker Application Form (one form per marker)
  • Application Fee
  • Plan & Profile drawings
  • Photos of existing markers
  • Exhibits of existing markers
  • Site plan to show marker location and measurement to curbs, median nose, as well as underground utilities.
  • Marker details to show marker dimensions, foundation dimensions, and marker text.


Apply in Person Steps
  1. Bring the completed application and supporting documents to the Encroachment section, located at 1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor.
  2. Payment is made at the cashier station located on the 1st floor (cash, check, debit/credit card).


Apply by Mail Steps

Mail the completed application, supporting documents and payment (certified or cashier's check only) to:

Office of the City Engineer ROW-Encroachment
1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Inspection What you need

Once construction is completed, client will notify Construction Services Section for inspection.

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

To request an inspection, call 832-394-9097.

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