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Sponsor Change Form

Sponsor change form for small water meters between 5/8-inch and 2-inches in size.

02082-10 (2020 Detail)

2020 Detail for 02082-10 Standard LDWL Access Manhole Details

02082-11 Standard LDWL SAF-T Climb Details for Extra Depth Manhole
02085-01 Standard Plastic Meter Box For 58 And 1 Meters
02085-02 Location Of Water Meter Box For 2 Diameter Less
02085-03 Valve Box Detail
02090-12 Standard LDWL 48-Inch DIA Heavy Duty Manhole Frame and Cover Detail
02317-04 Water Distribution Main Bedding Backfill For Open Cut Trenches
02317-09 (2020 Detail)

2020 Detail for 02317-09 Standard LDWL Excavation and Backfill Detail 

02447-01 Bedding Backfill Auger Pit Auger Hole