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Waiver Request for Temporary Placement of Manufacture Home Due to Harvey Damage (CE1321)

Request form for the temporary placement of a manufactured home or recreational vehicle on a residential property due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Last updated: 2/14/2018

Multi-Family Rental Property Registration
Residential EPR Guide (Spanish)
Substantial Damage Estimate Request Form

Application form to request a substantial damage estimate of a property.

Lista de especificaciones para reparaciones residenciales (CE1059S)

Este formulario debe ser completado por el solicitante para obtener permisos para trabajos que no requieren una revisión del plano siempre y cuando los materiales sean iguales o equivalentes a los materiales que van a ser reparados o reemplazados.

Residential Repair Spec List in Spanish.

Last updated: 05/19/2022

Hotel Human Trafficking Prevention Signage - Spanish (PDF)

Signage for hotel human trafficking prevention training in Spanish

Last updated: 5-14-2020

Ejemplo de la Solicitud de Permiso de Edificacion (CE1263S)

Ejemplo de la Solicitud de Permiso de Edificacion (example building permit application in Spanish)

Combustible Waste Storage Permit Application - Spanish

Dumpster permit application in Spanish.


Last updated: 5/11/2022

Application Information Subdivision Marker (Spanish)

Application Information Subdivision Marker (Spanish).

Public Hearing - Replat With Notification

Last Updated: June 2015