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Mobility Permits Portal Register and Apply
Advance Pay Account Guidelines (CE1051)

Guidelines for opening and using an advance pay account (APA).

Last updated: June 17, 2020

1318 Electronic Lock Permit Application
CE- 1045B Occupancy Compliance Application- Example
Building Demolition Guideline (CE1075)

Guidelines for applicants wishing to remove or demolish a building or structure from a property.

Last updated: 01-01-2022

Ejemplo de la Solicitud de Permiso de Edificacion (CE1263S)

Ejemplo de la Solicitud de Permiso de Edificacion (example building permit application in Spanish)

Multi-Family Habitability Registration
CE- 1045A Occupancy Compliance Application- Example
Procedures to Cancel Project Numbers and Permits (CE1089)

Guide explains the process for canceling abandoned projects numbers and permits. 

Last updated: 05-09-2022

Declaration Supporting Building Permit Application - Individual

Deed restriction compliance declaration in support of a building permit application. To be signed by an individual owner.