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Registration Process for Electrical Master and Contractor (CE1203)

Registration & Renewal Process for Electrical Master & Contractor.

Last updated: 10/16/2019

Sidewalk Panel Completion

Notice of completion for sidewalk panel replacement work.

Notice of Sidewalk Panel Replacement

Notice to begin sidewalk panel replacement work.

Sidewalk Panel Replacement Guide

Sidewalk Panel Replacement Guide.

Registration Form for State Air Conditioning License (CE1307)

Form required to be completed to register or renew  a State Air Conditioning License with the City of Houston. 

Last updated: 10/31/2019

Independent Third Party Energy Technician Registration Form (CE1216)

Form required to registered as an Independent Third Party Energy Technician. 

Last updated: 04/06/2021

Independent Third Party Energy Technician Registration Guidelines (CE1217)

Registration and renewal procedures for Independent Third Party Technician

Last updated: 06/25/2020

Registration Process for State Air Conditioning Licenses (CE1308)

Registration & Renewal Process for State Air Conditioning Licenses.

Last updated: 09-01-2021

Stationary Engineer License Requirements (CE1221)

Stationary Engineer License Requirements.

Last updated:01-01-2021