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Ordinance No. 2018-226 Lodging Facility

Ordinance amending Chapter 28 of the Houston Code of Ordinances adding a new article for the regulation of lodging facilities.

Ordinance DPC 2005-992
Ordinance DPC 2008-307
Ordinance DPC 2001-76
Ordinance DPC 2008-741
Ordinance DPC 2010-184
Alternate Housing and Correction Facility Redline

Proposed ordinance changes to alternate housing and correctional facilities.


Last updated: 4/30/2020

2022-33 Ordinance
Metro Light Rail Ordinance 2010-69

Ordinance authorizing temporary signage for businesses adjacent to light rail construction projects.

Chapter 43 Amendments - Redline Draft

Redline drafts to amending Chapter 43 of the Code of Ordinances.

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