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Current Groundwater Plant Design Guidelines

Current groundwater plant design guidelines (effective Oct. 1, 2021)

Last updated: July 1, 2021

IDM Chapter 9 storm detention cover letter

Cover letter explaining the supplemental changes made to Chapter 9 of the Infrastructure Design Manual.


Last updated: January 26, 2021

2012 International Building Code (IBC) Houston Amendments - Print 2

Revisions to 2012 IBC amendments

Last updated: 9/1/2019

Harris County Records Memo

Memo for restrict flood bond projects to municipalities.

2012 Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) Houston Amendments

2012 Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) Houston Amendments.

Last updated: 2/1/2016

Historical Groundwater Plant Design Guidelines

Historical groundwater plant design guidelines

Last updated: Jan. 2011

ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Houston Amendments

To establish the minimum energy efficiency requirements of buildings other than low-rise residential buildings for

a. design, construction, and a plan for operation and maintenance; and

b. utilization of on-site, renewable energy resources

Last updated: 12/9/2016

Sidewalk Panel Completion

Notice of completion for sidewalk panel replacement work.

2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Amendments Commercial Provisions

2015 IECC Houston Commercial Amendments.

Notice of Sidewalk Panel Replacement

Notice to begin sidewalk panel replacement work.